Our Roasters

a perfect cup of coffee is possible

An Introduction

What part does a coffee roaster play in the perfect cup of coffee? They define the flavor profile that is unique. We know you’ll enjoy our favorite selections. Next, they provide us coffee that has been roasted thirty days or less. That’s fresh coffee. Meet our preferred roasters and let us know if you have any questions.

Prescription Coffee Lab

Prescription Coffee Lab is our preferred local coffee roaster. They are in southeastern Virginia and dedicated to producing the best coffee possible. The Standard is our house drip coffee bean that is a signature blendThe espresso is sweet and clean with just a hint of fruit. As a drip it is balanced and complex.

La Colombe® Coffee Roasters

This Philadelphia-based roaster is a leading coffee roaster that is managed philanthropically…they have a heart of goodwill. Our on tap coffee by LaColombe® can only be found at Gather. The LaColombe® Nizza is our house espresso.

Pure Black on Tap

Our cold-pressed, single-origin Brazillian coffee served over ice, straight from the tap.