Coffee Classics

We appreciate the value and culture surrounding coffee. You will find a variety of classic coffee beverages offered hot or iced. Find your favorite or discover something new.

Types of Coffee 

quality brewing methods with coffee and choice of milk
(or non-dairy options)

Pour Over

brewing method for an individual cup of black coffee


espresso made with steamed milk in a 1:3 to 1:5 ratio with a little foam


brew method and coffee that is ground and packed very fine – small amount of water is added creating a different taste and strength of the coffee


hot water is added to espresso creating a coffee similar in strength but different in taste to regular drip coffee


espresso made with steamed milk foam, 8 oz. drink


steamed milk on the bottom marked by espresso on the top


coffee and milk blended together with ice like a milkshake, add your favorite flavors, topped with whip

Pure Black

cold pressed iced coffee

Draft Latte

espresso mixed with fresh whole milk, tapped into nitrous oxide

Cafe au lait

half coffee, half steamed milk


equal parts espresso to steamed milk, 4oz. drink


spiced black tea and steamed milk


espresso with chocolate sauce and steamed milk