About Us

When people gather for good, the world is a better place.

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Helping the Community

There is nothing like the feeling of community; real community. Gather exists to help people experience community while enjoying some of the world’s best beverages and great food. We don’t stop there though, 100% of the profit goes back into the community to help those in need. Every time you make a purchase at Gather, you are helping people too!

Good Cause

We are proud to partner with businesses who share a heart to give and are helping others.

Our Team

Gather could not exist without our awesome customers and the skilled staff behind the counter. Meet the people who make good coffee and good food happen every single day. They show up with one goal in mind: to serve you well.

Gather Cafe team picking strawberries

Join the Team

If you’re hard-working, skilled in the kitchen or an excellent barista, print the application and bring it in!

The Gather Code

When people gather for good, the world is a better place.
The perfect cup of coffee is possible.
If you can do something good, do it.
If you think something nice, say it.

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